Reading Fluency Project

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Reading Fluency Project is a program for native speakers, who are familiar with Devanagari. The main objective of this program is to support quality education through the development of mother tongue. The main focus of this program is to make the natives fluent in reading and writing their mother tongue as well as to introduce the newly developed orthography of their mother tongue, to promote the writing system of their language and to bring consistency in writing.

Why Reading Fluency Project?

  • Information on how to start writing in own mother tongue
  • To impart knowledge of linguistic writing
  • To enable native speakers to read and write in their mother tongue
  • To bring consistency in mother tongue writing
  • To bring fluency in mother tongue reading and writing
  • To assist in the development of written materials


Stages of Reading Fluency Program

  1. Meeting with stakeholders
  2. Baseline survey for Reading Fluency program
  3. Project site selection
  4. Course Preparation and Writing Workshop
  5. Publication of textbooks 
  6. Teacher training
  7. Conduct of Reading fluency program (15 classes in three phases with 5 classes in each phase - Each class takes place for one month)
  8. Monitoring and evaluation

Reading Fluency Project's conducted by HIS NEPAL

Till date HIS Nepal has conducted Reading Fluency Programs in 3 different languages of Nepal.

1. Kathariya (Kailali district)

2. Kudux (Sunsari district) 

3. Danuwar (Sindhuli district)

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