About Us

Himalayan Indigenous Society (HIS-Nepal) is a non-profit, non-political and humanitarian organization founded in 2008 AD. 
It is registered at the Kathmandu District Administration Office under the Social Welfare Act 2034 and affiliated to the Social Welfare Council as well as to the NGO-FONIN (NGP Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities).

HIS Nepal envisions, "A transformed society where all kinds of discriminations (Gender, Ethnic, Linguistic, Religious) are absent."

HIS- Nepal aims to address the educational, social and economical needs of the poor and disadvantaged ethnic peoples of the Himalayas. HIS-Nepal realizes its responsibility to help those at the edge, to come into the center, by enabling them in a holistic manner. HIS-Nepal is committed to work together with them, to help bring about real positive changes in their lives.


Our Mission

"To serve ethnic community in Nepal by working together with them and equipping them to break the cycle of discrimination, that prevents them to fully experience the transformed life."

Our Values

- Change begins from you.

- Mutual respect and understanding are vital to our work

- Equality and Impartiality

- Gender Equality and Social Justice

- Inclusiveness, Transparency and Participatory 

- Sincerity, Self-confession, Self-criticism and Self-evaluation


Regd. No:199/065/066 
SWC AFF. No 25811
PAN 303014508


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