One Village project has benefited 64 families in Ghiling village of Upper Mustang by developing drainage system in their home.

Ghiling is one of many villages of the high-altitude Upper Mustang Region. It is a  highly restricted and difficult area to access. It resides in the high Himalayan Mountain area of Nepal, along the borders of Tibet. The villages in this region are populated by the indigenous, ethnic Tibetan Lhowa people group, who still have their own king, Jigme Palbar. In the eighteenth century, King Prithvi Narayan Shah consolidated the various kingdoms of Nepal. However, the Mustang Region remained part of Tibet until 1949, when China invaded Tibet. China considered the Mustang Region to be part of Nepal and the area has been considered part of Nepal since that time, although the rugged people of the area still consider themselves to be Tibetan.

Houses of Ghiling are affected by water that comes from the ground, main floor of the houses  are wet and damaged by the water in winter. Because of that, many times their houses are cracked, broken and ground floor comes up and cause problem every year. One Village project made Drainage System around their house to keep water away. 14 families and 60 people are directly benefited from this project.

Ward chair person Mr. Kunga says, "After the drainage system was built behind my house, all rooms are dry. In winter time also, ground does not come up and does not cause any problem. I feel safe now and so happy"

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